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Customer loyalty - that means more security, time and money for our customers

Supply of drinking water is an extremely challenging task. In addition to the resulting high responsibility it requires a high degree of competence, commitment, and operative pervasion - but also our local presence. Therefore, we understand our duty in offering our customers everything from one hand: beginning with the assignment we additionally offer all our customers projects

  • Consulting
  • Concept development
  • Pre-planning, pipework planning
  • Approval planning
  • Execution planning
  • Construction supervision
  • Start-up operation
  • Continuous operation and maintenance

Even during certification processes we offer our customers assistance. With our engineering outset LEED gold and even platinum status of the customers object comes within reach, which increases the overall value of an object significantly.
For Intaqua there are two business models:

  • BOT: "Build, Operate and Transfer" means the sale of plants with commissioning.
  • BOO: "Build Operate and Own" means the continuous operation of equipment in our own portfolio.

BOO is the most lucrative model for our clients: No investment costs and savings from the start. Also for the Intaqua BOO is the most profitable model: Permanent income by sales of our end-products allow a cumulative EBT.

BOO - the optimal business model. For All.