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Intaqua - Instead of destruction, sales of valuables

Potassium nitrate - saltpeter

The end-product potassium nitrate can be used in addition to its direct use as a nitrogen fertilizer as a raw material for the chemical industry, such as for preservatives (pickle salts), explosives, etc.


It is known that phosphorus is one of the declining resource. The previously happening economic scarcity is reflected in rising global phosphorus prices. The end-product phosphate thus means for Intaqua AG a secure strategic business field, because the prices of phosphorus are rising steadily for years, and will continue to rise.

The remaining reserves are heavily contaminated with uranium - 800 tonnes of radioactive uranium arrive each year on our fields. Our uncontaminated natural end-product makes it a healthy alternative.

Terra Preta

LooLoop can not only process the solids of the black water, but also occurring organic waste. The resulting produced Terra Preta is a highly fertile compost and represents another very valuable natural end-product.

And water - of course

Besides all these valuable end-products with their excellent sales prospects, drinking water and/or irrigation water is our most important main-product, indeed. In shortage areas it can be produced only by expensive water transport or by sea water desalination in coastal regions. The energy consumption for land-based production of 1 m³ drinking water often is 25 kWh The technology can Intaqua here to save up to 85% of the energy consumption.

Water - our most important product