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Toilet flushing water – drained downwards, and then flushing it again from above

The black water cycle "LooLoop" is a process by which the flushing water from toilets is used in a closed cycle repeatedly for flushing the toilets. The result is our USP: Flush toilets consume no more water – and toilets produce no more wastewater.

For this purpose, an apparatus has been developed with which the solids (feces, toilet paper, contraries, etc.) can be separated from black water in an almost semi- solid form. From the solids, the valuable by-product Terra Preta is produced, which can be used for fertilizing greeneries. The urgently needed carbon arrives as Terra Preta back into the soils.

Terra Preta is characterized by high water binding capacity, by adsorption of nutrients in the soil, and provides an excellent habitat for a plurality of ground dwellers. We call this overall process LooLoop.

Toilet flushing water recycling - a simple idea with far-reaching consequences