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TourTech - we improve hotel occupancy rates, and secure their location by green tourism

Hotels have a high water consumption. The amounts of water vary greatly during high and low season. Our systems adapt easily to these fluctuating water consumptions.

For most tourist areas applies: the more attractive the destination, the more sun, the less rain, and the weaker is usually the existing infrastructure. Many of these hotels are dependent on a drinking water supply based on sea water desalination by "reverse osmosis". Here we reach a considerably reduced power consumption with our technology.

Almost all tourist hotels are equipped with pool and spa areas. In addition, many have extensive greeneries. Both can be advantageously integrated into the overall water management, and pools can be operated in such a way, that they do not need to be chlorinated.

Due to the redundant backup systems of our plants water losses are also nearly impossible. With our achievable environmental objectives ("zero emission") it can be shown, that occupancy rates increase.

Through the lack of pollution the hotels location will be preserved and ensured. Since the customer can determine the quality of drinking water in the pipe system, the comfort of tourists increases. You can advertise that the best drinking water comes from the taps of your hotel.

Often the construction of a hotel meets little enthusiasm with the surrounding population. The calmness and the income base are often disturbed; the littering of the environment and dramatically increased exploitation of resources (mostly water) often cause considerable displeasures. LooLoop and Blue Tool modules remedy this situation and ensure considerably more acceptance: The hotel can thus transform itself from a pollution focus to a vendor for fertilizer, compost and irrigation water. This increases the income of the mainly agrarian population of its immediate environment and thus their acceptance.

LooLoop and Blue Tool - the profitable breakthrough for ecotourism.