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Centralized systems for hospitals - a bankruptcy of epidemics control

With up to 700 liters of water per bed per and day hospitals belong with hotels to the building-group with the highest water consumption. Unlike hotels, hospitals can hardly save any water. For hygienic reasons, the frequent changing and washing of bed linen, towels, etc. cannot be changed.

Hospitals pollute the waters with resistance plasmids, pharmaceuticals and endocrine disruptors. Especially the toilet wastewater from hospitals should urgently be retained from our water resources.

A particularly important aspect is the complete destruction of drugs and resistance plasmids. With our especially for this case developed Loo-loop module we can ensure, that no human and environmentally hazardous substances are flushed into the environment anymore - and that the nutrients still can be recovered.

Therefore, no Terra Preta is produced in hospitals, but the whole organic solids load is incinerated. This destroys any threats by drugs and germs.

In German hospitals costs are at the focus. An urban hospital with 1,000 beds and an occupancy rate of 90% has an annual water consumption of approximately 230,000 m³. With our water cycle technologies, we can quickly and efficiently help hospitals in the reduction of operating costs.