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Current manure management – A “technology” of the Middle Ages

Main focus of Intaqua AG in the agricultural sector are piggeries. The eco-friendly and cost-effective disposal of manure is still an unsolved problem. Pig manure is the worst case of the concept of circular economy. Like in the middle ages of sewage management poorly treated and sanitized feces and urine from piggeries are dumped onto our soils.

Pigs and humans are quite similar. After an adequate technology was developed for human excreta with flushing water, Intaqua AG decided to do the same for pigs without flushing water. With the Intaqua technology new and efficient ways of utilizing unexploited added value chains could be identified. That was the core of the research and development application, which was filed at the DBU*. The R & D application is now approved, and the work has begun.

The approaches in manure research were previously only half-heartedly thought over. The underlying concept was always to search for the most cost-effective destruction of nitrogen and phosphorus. On the other hand pig manure is a highly concentrated source of nitrogen and phosphorus. We recover that valuables.

In the manure technology LooTool is the module used to convert the existing life-stocks. The resulting water from feces and urine is thus used for irrigation or infiltration, and not for flushing of toilets.

* DBU - German Federal Foundation for the Environment