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Do centralized and de-centralized water systems exclude each other?

One might think that decentralized water management is meaningless, where a central water and sewer infrastructure is already in place. But that's not true in most cases. On the contrary: LooLoop, BlueLoop or Bluetool systems can complement
central concepts (sewer and treatment plant) very usefully. Above all, this applies in the following situations:

Sewer is underloaded

In many regions of the industrialized nations (e.g. East Germany), the population shrinks. Or households save a too much water, such as in Frankfurt. In both cases, not enough water gets in the sewer anymore in order to flush the solids into the wastewater treatment plant. So the water authorities need to constantly replace the missing quantity of waste water by precious drinking water, and rinse it down the sewer. With LooLoop systems, the solids are retained, and do not enter into the channel. Here authorities can save a lot of water.

Sewer is overloaded

In many other metropolitan areas of the world population is growing tremendously. Cities can grow - sewers and sewage treatment system cannot. Digging new sewers into existing streets, because the old ones are too small, costs a lot, and plunges cities for years in a traffic jam. By installation and use of LooLoop and BlueLoop systems in new residential areas of cities, the old water infrastructure can be obtained. Here, cities can save enormous costs.

Sewer is broken

Not only central drinking water supply lines, but also sewers break. So sometimes, up to 60% of drinking water gets lost (not really, because it then remains as groundwater for longer in the region), but much worse, unpurified raw sewage seeps into the groundwaterand and contaminates it. With LooLoop systems the toilet waste water is retained and eliminated, and does thus not reach the channel. Here is a minimally invasive way to protect the groundwater.

Wastewater treatment plant is overloaded

According to estimates, about 70% of the world water treatment plants have become overloaded. The consequences are all too familiar: eutrophic waters, diseases and fish extinctions. The main pollution stems from the toilets. With LooLoop systems toilet wastewaters are retained, and do not enter the sewage treatment plant, which significantly relieves the sewage treatment plant. Expensive conversions can be omitted so.

LooLoop & BlueLoop - good friends of central concepts.