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Grey water - large amount, little pollution

Due to the separation of black water, the remaining gray water (bath, kitchen, washing) is only slightly contaminated with pathogens and nutrients. Here the main water consumption is to find: In the household sector it is 60 - 80 liters per day and person, in hospitals even 500-700 l, and in some hotels over 1,000 liters per bed per day. So here lays the challenge for water self-sufficiency of buildings.

With a few treatment steps drinking water can be generated from gray water. In the BlueLoop plant a deionized water is produced as an intermediate quality, which is admixed with minerals, before it is fed as drinking water into the supply lines. Thus, the customer has the choice between different minerals admixtures. So he can order a drinking water of his selection for his object - without any micro-pollutants.

This method has great significance in areas of water scarcity (never again "water-cuts"). We call this method BlueLoop. In high rainfall regions such as Germany, a water self-sufficiency of buildings is often not necessary, as there is often plenty of drinking water in still good quality - but nowadays you can also prove up to 150 pharmaceutical drugs in drinking water. In this regions we use highly purified gray water for regeneration of groundwater. We call this method Blue Tool.

With this method, the general availability and quality of water is increased significantly in the soils on mid-term – fresh water does not run-off via a river within a few hours, but remains for months to years in the region.

Both BlueLoop and Blue Tool prevent the waste of fresh water into not useable salt water of the seas.